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Top 5 things to tell your photographer before the wedding.

For a lot of brides their wedding day is a day they have dreamed of and obsessed over for years. For others discerning what they really want on the day is rather difficult. There are so many options and choices and no wrong answers. It can definitely seem impossible.

Photography is unfortunately one of those services that provide infinite options. From the artist who shoots everything in black and white with a purposely slow shutter for that artsy motion blur.

To the clinical professional who forces each and every smile. With meticulous posing and absolutely zero humour.

Truth is no photographer *at-least none that I know of* are mind readers. So here are ten things you can tell your photographer to guarantee they know exactly what you want for your wedding photos.


1. The important photos are...

Every wedding is different and every couple have different priorities, especially when it comes to the moments they want captures.

Telling your photographer precisely what photos you want will save you a lot of heart ache. You shouldn't need to tell them everything but at the very least tell them about the photos you couldn't live without.

At Fotisto we provide our clients several opportunities to talk to us about what we call "must have photos". We take this list with us on the day and capturing these photos is a priority for us. Perhaps you could provide your photographer with a similar checklist.

2. Where and when.

It almost goes without saying that organisation on your wedding day is crucial. Having a reasonably accurate and realistic plan for your day has several benefits including letting the professionals know where to be and when to be there. *For tips on scheduling your wedding stay tuned*

For photographers it's crucial to know when the key moments of your day will be. No photographer needs a plan detailed down to every minute but atleast providing the ceremony, and reception timing will go along way.

3. Our style or yours?

This may rub a few photographers the wrong way but not every couple dogs your style... While it's definitely true that some couples shop for a photographer who vibes with their style. It's just as true that some couples see a photographers skill and assume they can shoot many styles.

If your a bride or groom of the later variety this is something you absolutely need to discuss with your photographer. There are infinite styles, muted colours, high pop, low pop, moody, vibrant, classic, and the list goes on. If you have a clear image in mind or a solid example you simply must ask your photographer if they can edit in that style or atleast a similar style.

Some photographers will be uncomfortable shooting and editing outside their wheel house while others will take the challenge with gusto. So discussing this with your photographer is a top 3 discussion.

4. To be candid or not to be...candid...

Candid photography is not everyone's cup of tea. For some photographers the control in posing and staging photos is comfortable I personally prefer to capture the raw reality of candid moments. Genuine laughs, genuine reactions, real moments. But these aren't always as pretty as staged photos. It is in its own way a stylistic choice.

However in saying that there is an art all of its own in competently taking candid photos. Knowing where to be without spoiling a moment or how to anticipate a moment without staring like some sort of cyborg. Some photographers just don't have it.

If candid photography is something you appreciate and want included in your photos you need to discuss this with your photographer.

5. Do you want a meal?

There is a bit of an argument online about whether or not photographers should receive a meal at weddings. In all our years of experience our brides and grooms have always been more than happy to provide us with food or at the very least encourage us to snack on some canapes. We have never had to ask and so seeing this was such a divisive issue took us by surprise.

There are legitimate arguments for not providing photographers with meals although they all tend towards assuming that your photographer is a paid robotic slave that doesn't deserve or need a meal till the 12hour job is done.

If providing your photographer a meal or allowing them to snack on the canapes is an issue for you please bring this up with your photographer.

We would hope you at the very least provide your photographer the opportunity to eat a meal they have brought with them. There aren't a great deal many industries that expect you to work 8-12 hours without a break. The wedding industry shouldn't be one either.

At the end of the day a happy and well fed photographer is more like to go the extra mile.

Clearly communicating with your photographer and your other vendors for that matter will make your day so much easier and make your photos and memories so much happier. Setting out expectations, wants and needs at the very beginning really can make a world of difference.


Have more questions?

We hope you found this piece of content useful. Aside from providing amazing, award winning, photography and videography we also create content to help brides and grooms navigate their big day. If your planning a wedding or you know someone who is please visit our page and subscribe to us on your favourite platforms.

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